Every few months, Paige and I get that feeling in the middle of our stomaches. It’s hard to explain and can’t really be put into words, but when you get it, you know exactly what it is: I need to see something new. So we sit down and we say to each other, “let’s get the heck out of here.”

For everyone who has also experienced this, the next question is always, “where should I go.” Paige and I had never traveled too far away, but trust me, if its somewhere, it’s on our list. It was just deciding on exactly where we wanted to experience next. Paige has always wanted to see Asia, so we compromised on foreign, adventurous, wild and beautiful. Next stop: Bali, Indonesia.

Bali, although relatively poor and cheap once there, is a pricey place to get to and stay. So the two of us continued to push off this specific trip to honestly just afford it. I started to read up on Bali a lot on Pinterest (our absolute go-to place to get real information about a place from others) to decide where we wanted to stay and which part of Bali we wanted to make our home base. Once we agreed on Ubud, Bali, we took the advice of pretty much every single blogger we found and began searching Airbnb’s, which they all agreed was the smartest, cheapest and greatest way to immerse yourself in a foreign country. So just like that, I changed my mindset from “resortresortresort” to “privately owned villa” and my goodness was I not disappointed.

We chose the Shala Bali, located in the middle of a rice field a short walk from the main road. Our driver dropped us off at a small convenient store, where we walked down a small path that led to another universe. To be perfectly honest it was the most incredible place we had ever stayed (and I’ve stayed in a resort that was built inside a cave on the side of the Mediterranean). First, it was a privately owned villa in the middle of a yoga resort, so we were never alone truly because there were about 4 other villa’s in our close vicinity. The infinity pool was beautiful and the yoga studio was equally as lovely. The staff was so caring and truly wanted you to have the most amazing time in their country.

Our Airbnb turned out to be a stunning private 2 floor villa, featuring a living room, kitchen, outdoor shower, bathroom and 3 balconies. Despite there being 4 other villas, we hardly saw anyone apart from by the pool or at breakfast. Yeah, did I mention this villa provided you complimentary breakfast (literally as much as you wanted) as well as room service? It just kept getting better.  Apart from eating breakfast here every single day (banana french toast, acaì bowls, coconut pancakes, eggs and so much fruit), we also often ordered french fries frequently because of the homemade ketchup.

The staff is also willing to help you out with anything you may possibly need, including travel and ideas for adventuring. Check out the website , if you’d like to learn a little more!

The woman who owns the villa is extremely informative, helpful and willing to answer any of your questions both before and while you’re there, not that you really need her because of the staff. She set up a driver to meet us at the airport.

Be sure to check back in a few days for the 2nd part of our trip to Bali, talking all about places to visit and the person who made our trip everlasting.


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