Aloha! In the summer I took Anthony away for his birthday. I wanted it to be a place we had never really talked about traveling to and one we’d both get our fill of relaxation (for him) and adventure (for me). Many people have been asking me about my trip to Maui, Hawaii, especially for Honeymoon purposes, so I figured I’d write a few tips as to places to definitely check out and adventures to be had. First, write out a list of your must do’s! Here’s mine:

-The Road to Hana

-scuba dive

-eat shaved ice


-hike to the Rainbow Trees


-Nakalele blow hole

-heart rock hole

-watch the sunset

-cliff jump

-find a cave

-bamboo forest

I had done a lot of research before traveling here and these were the things I knew I definitely wanted to experience with Anthony. I mapped out the island, where many of these things were located and how far away they were to the resort I was interested in staying in. I always rent a car when I go away, and I recommend this too, because it gives you your own freedom to see the island and become a part of it. We went big with the 2 Door Jeep Wrangler and despite the extra cost of it, I knew it would be worth it to stand up in the jeep with the roof off as we drove through the winding edges of this incredible island.

When you travel here you’ll have your own list of must do’s, but I want to stress that before you leave, please do your research on The Road to Hana, if this is a place you are interested in traveling to. I will be blogging about Hana and my must do’s for that adventure in a later post.

This is what you need to know. Maui is a dream. I cannot stress this enough.

The temperature outside and of the ocean are always a perfect, comfortable feel. I was never extremely hot or uncomfortably chilly. When the breezes pass they only add to the atmosphere and experience. So when packing for your trip to Maui, I’d pack light clothing, tons of bathing suits and an assortment of sneakers, sandals and flip-flops. I’d also recommend bringing a pair of easy shorts to throw on when you want to quickly get dressed. There were many moments where we’d see a beach or a cliff to jump off, so it was easier to just take off the shorts I was wearing then to fully get undressed. However, most of the time I just walked around in my bikini when we weren’t leaving the resort.

The sunsets in Maui are out of this world! And the locals and staff are genuinely kind and I’d recommend throwing out a shaka sign to them as you pass.

When picking a place to stay, I did a lot of research as to the location I wanted to be in and what I wanted the resort to offer. I ended up choosing The Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa located on Kaanapali Beach, in Lahaina. It had a number of pools (infinity, with slides, with basketball hoops, with a cave bar), was directly on the beach and offered a number of restaurants, a shaved ice stand (which I ate at least once a day because it was so amazing), and a luau experience. It also had hammocks and a ton of different cabana’s located around the property. The property was very large, so we had a lot of fun exploring the area. It was also on a strip of other resorts that led to a cliff jumping spot at the end and a shopping area. The suite we stayed in had 2 balconies and ocean views that were incredible to wake up to.

When deciding on a place to eat, we really went off of what locals recommended and on occasion the buffet at the resort, when we just wanted to take a plate of food and eat on the beach. Eating in Hawaii is fresh and has so much flavor, so I recommend traveling anywhere, getting out of the resort area (because the prices are much higher) and really exploring. I’ll highlight 3 places: 

The first place we drove to was on the property of the resort strip, called The Paradise Grill. It was a local bar but the food was incredible. We ended up eating here on two separate nights because we loved it so much. Did you notice the Aloha on the bun? Too cute!

We then traveled to a different side of Maui which was about 45 minutes away, where it was more homes and less resorts. We ate at Nalu’s South Shore Grill, which was an amazing indoor/outdoor experience (because of the open walls) with live music every night and a friendly and warm atmosphere from the locals and staff. 

We also went to a small town on Front Street which was about 20 minutes away from our resort. We ate at a place called Cool Cat Cafe, which was outdoor seating on the 3rd floor of this building with shops. If you want a quick burger and onion rings, this is the place to go.

Traveling in Maui is easiest when you have a car and I cannot stress enough how much better it makes your experience. In Maui, when you see the ocean, you can just pull over to the side of the road, park your car on the highway and run in. They have very little restrictions when it comes to getting into the ocean and finding that perfect surf (even the weather report on the news is based around where to surf). Having a car gives you the advantage of joining in on this key part of their lifestyle. Hawaii is all about “Aloha,” which isn’t just a greeting, but a feeling. It is seeing what the world has to offer and experiencing it, without damaging or changing it. To get the true Aloha experience, you need to be able to get around on your own will.

If Maui is the place you want to travel to next, I would say it’s worth it. Everything was wonderful. When we were leaving I felt like I had really experienced this tropical island and hadn’t missed out on anything. The only thing I recommend is doing your research, because there is so much to offer. Also, always stop for the smoothies on the side of the road.



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