Today Tori and I took a spontaneous adventure into the city for gelato. Yes, it rained today. Did that stop us? No way. There are less than 3 weeks of summer left and we are making the most of it. Rain or shine. That’s why the umbrella was invented. 

Once September comes it’s back to school for both of us and less opportunities for afternoon sister trips. We drove in and had made a quick plan that morning of what we both wanted to do. It centered around gelato, but we figured, why not experience the other things on our summer list if they’re in the area? We parked at an Icon Parking Garage that was across the street from our first stop. Fun Fact! If you know where your destination is, check out the Icon website, find one nearby, and they have coupons for all day parking that is always cheaper than what they try to charge you.

Our itinerary for the day consisted of: Gelato, Shake Shack, The Shakespeare Gardens

Tori loves both flowers and (since her return from Europe) gelato, so why not go somewhere that consists of both? We found this little shop called Amorino, that uses gelato to create a flower cone for you to enjoy. It’s actually very beautiful and … very, very delicious. You step in, walk to the counter where a server will take your order. You can get a small, medium or large, but the very best part is … YOU CAN GET AS MANY FLAVORS AS YOU WANT! And trust me, they have enough that you’d want to try them all.

Tori ordered, (from center) Raspberry, Strawberry and Lemongrass gelato in a medium cone. I ordered, Strawberry, Lemon, Salted Butter Caramel and Passion Fruit. My order may seem weird, but all the flavors went so well together and I have a very hard time saying no to anything salted caramel.

Our next stop was Shake Shack. I don’t think I need to go into details about this. It’s the best burger joint in NYC. Probably on the East Coast. I’d go as far to say in the United States. Nothing compares.

Finally, we walked down the block, into Central Park and walked a short distance to the Shakespeare Gardens. I am a huge Shakespeare fan, have been since high school. Tori loves wild flowers and gardens. It was a perfect place for both of us. By each section of flowers was a quote from a Shakespeare book that mentioned those very flowers that were blooming around it.

It may seem weird to eat gelato before food, but we went on the trip for the gelato, so that’s where we started. We do what we want. It actually worked out awesome because there was no line for the gelato and by the time we had reached the Shake Shack it was a light drizzle. By the time we reached the gardens the sun was shining.

What We Wore:
Tori is wearing a dress I bought at a boutique in Dallas, Texas.
Her black velvet choker is from Urban Outfitters. Similar to: Leather Choker
Her gold choker is from Free People.
I am wearing this butterfly long sleeve airy shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch.

Also, I got a haircut! I’ve always loved bangs and I went for this very shaggy short haired fringe.

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