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Before I talk about my trip to Greece as a whole, I’d really like to highlight the hotel that I stayed in.

Staying in Ambassador was a total dream!

It was, by far, the most beautiful and luxurious place I have ever stayed in during a trip away. It made our trip 10x more of a wonderful experience than I had even planned. Found on the south end of Santorini, in a town called Akrotiri, Ambassador is the perfect place to be if you are interested in taking a break from the city life or any people at all, really.

We took a 20 minute cab right from the airport to a small gated entrance to Ambassador hotel. Greeted immediately by a quick and friendly employee, they take your luggage to your room while you check-in and are offered a fruity free beverage. The hotel is one giant cave! In order to get to your room, you have to walk through the cave that is only lit by tiny lights along the floor and small passageways in different directions. You get your own house key and door bell, which really makes it feel more like a home than a hotel suite. Once inside the room, it is all arches and cave walls, filled with white furniture and infinity pools. The back of the room that led to the outdoor terrace was all windows, giving you the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. Every night ended with us sitting outside, watching the most amazing shades of red and yellow, as they formed into a sunset. We had watched the sunset from a few different points on the island, but nothing topped the one from our suite.
Apart from the hotel itself, they had some really nice features and small details that I really appreciated and loved. First off, the staff was out of this world, incredible. They could have been the staff at Disney World. Before we even arrived in Greece, I received an email from our personal hotel assistant filled with information and maps about the area. They were really attentive and accommodating. Anytime we needed something, a car or a booked appointment for an activity, they gave you ten options to choose from. Once you picked what you wanted to do, they arranged the transportation and time, you just needed to be there to get picked up. They ultimately just really wanted to make your life easier and help out in any way they could.
I also really enjoyed the way you ordered breakfast in the morning. Each night before, you would fill out a breakfast card that was left in your room and room service would pick it up or you could drop it off at the front desk. I would order 4 glasses of their peach juice because I was obsessed with it. I have seriously been on the hunt to find something that compares since we’ve gotten home.
The hotel also features a community pool, a spa, a gym and one restaurant called Omega3. This is where we would eat our breakfast each morning.

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